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Caddo County’s locally owned, weekly newspaper.

For nearly 50 years, The Country Connection has served as Caddo County’s primary source of local community news. Every Wednesday, our print edition is the go-to for county-wide information, and our new website allows us to provide additional exclusive information, videos, podcasts, and photo essays in addition to breaking news. The Country Connection publishes 52 issues annually, distributed via paid subscriptions, retail outlets, and an online edition. Our online presence is updated as news becomes available. Special sections and magazine-style inserts are sometimes included.

Our History

The Country Connection, founded in Eakly, OK, holds a storied history deeply intertwined with the heartbeat of Caddo County. The first issue rolled off the press on September 28, 1982, when journalist Joyce Carney published it.

During its early years, the newspaper focused on agriculture, school, sports, and community news, reflecting the county’s people and rural roots. Caddo County, comprised of vast fields and ranches, found a voice in The Country Connection, which highlighted crop yields, church news, and profiles of local farmers and business leaders. The paper quickly became a vital resource for local families and businesses, providing a platform for sharing tips and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Since March 1, 2024, the paper is now published under the new leadership of Caddo County native Cory Cart, who will continue to evolve the newspaper. Launching a new website with exclusive content and engaging podcasts added more ways for readers to consume news. Other plans include the launching of a student journalist program and special sections focusing on the people and lifestyle of Caddo County. Despite these modern adaptations, the essence of community connection persists. Today, The Country Connection stands as a testament to the resilience of Caddo County, encapsulating area history in its pages and continuing to bridge the past and present.



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